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United Methodist Campus Ministry at West Virginia University

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We are the Wesley Foundation and the United Methodist Student Movement.

Our Mission is to... 

...create an atmosphere where you are free to
ASK questions
BELONG to a community
SERVE others
GROW in your faith!

There's Something Here For YOU

Every Week:
Sunday 5pm FREE dinner at Suncrest
Sunday 7pm Bible Study at Wesley
Sunday 6:30pm Sigma Theta Epsilon (guys only) at the Campus Ministry Center
Monday 7pm Kappa Phi (gals only) at Wesley
Thursday 7:30pm TNT at Suncrest

1st and 3rd Sunday: 5-7pm CYA Core at Harner Chapel
Membership is open...all are welcomed!


Organization News

Spring Break Mission Trip
March 24-31

Details coming soon...
CHECK out our pictures at work. play. serve. pray.

Questions or comments? Call Rev. Dr. Cindy Stackpole

Mailing Address:

The Campus Ministry Center
293 Willey Street
Morgantown, WV 26505

Phone: 304-292-4061